LtoR: Henry DuLaurence III, Marie Coviello, Susan Smick, Paula Carnelli, Attny. Geoff Chalmers


PAAE supports groups providing children with avenues that create a positive impact in their lives. We are dedicated to offering alternatives such as arts and education organizations that are channels for creativity, learning and interaction with positive role models.

Public Action for Arts & Education is a charitable organization staffed by volunteers who share a common mission and pledge to assist organizations that can offer positive social and cultural alternatives to our children.

Since 1974, PAAE has bridged the gap between legislative mandate and creative freedom.

PAAE spearheaded essential legislation to help create the Massachusetts Arts Lottery. Funding of this type was the first in our country.

The Arts Lottery became Megabucks which channeled more than $40 million into local arts programs, funding over 25,000 arts projects in 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts

From its beginnings, Public Action for the Arts has remained faithful to its mission:

  • Providing an advocacy voice for the arts
  • Making grants to the arts organizations
  • Supporting children’s programs
  • Enjoying the Arts

Arts & Children’s Projects Recently Funded & Supported

    • Boston Children’s Theatre
    • Wang Center “Young at Arts
    • Zumix East Boston: “Adventures in Music”
    • Riverside Theatre, Hyde Park
    • Boston City Lights
    • Catherine Ryan Fund

Boston Dance Company

  • Joslin Clinic: Summer Art Director
  • Bird Street Community Center, Dorchester
  • Boston Youth Theatre Network
  • Majestic Theatre, Boston
  • Sonja Loew Endowment for the Arts