Case Studies


“My son is a very active four year old. He doesn’t like to sit still for a very long time. His preschool teachers say he likes to run out of the classroom. They lock the doors but he still escapes. He doesn’t play with one specific toy for a very long time. He does a lot of rough play with his two year old sister. He will just go up to her and squeeze her head and someone will have to pull him off of her. He has speech problems as well. I don’t know if that has something to do with ADHD or not. Since he was one year old he has been getting into things that he shouldn’t. For example, he will go into the refrigerator and get the eggs and crack them on the floor one by one. He never has slept through the night. I don’t know if I should have his doctor do the ADHD tests or not.”

-M. Smith